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Welcome to the Orchestra

Saturday June 1, 2024 Concertgebouw Amsterdam:
Mahler, Mascagni and Verdi

Together with the Viennese Akademischer Orchesterverein and Toonkunstkoor Amsterdam, we provide a varied and challenging program with music by Mascagni, Verdi and Mahler. This special concert is the result of an international exchange between the orchestras from Vienna and Amsterdam.

Sunday June 9 Musikverein Vienna:

Shostakovich, Mendelssohn, Smetana

After our concert in Amsterdam we travel to Vienna via Bratislava. On June 9 we will give a concert in the beautiful Musikverein together with the Viennese Akademischer Orchesterverein.


The orchestra


The Amsterdam Orchestra is an enthusiastic amateur symphony orchestra that holds a concert series three times a year. Under the direction of conductor Jacob Slagter, and in collaboration with occasional soloists, the Orchestra performs varied programs. From major symphonic works to modern compositions and even an entire concert dedicated to film music.

Jacob Slagter

Jacob Slagter has been leading the Orchestra since 2014. We are very happy that Jacob gives our orchestra a wonderful evening every week with his drive, inspiration and jokes, and manages to bring our playing to musical heights during the concerts.

Play along!

We currently have several vacancies, you can find them here find. If you would like to become a member of the Orchestra, we would like to invite you for an audition. Would you like to come and play first? As a string player you can always come and participate in a few rehearsals. As a blazer you can register and we will look at the possibilities.

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